A closer look at Mitratech’s five pillars of innovation from SVP of Product Management, Justin Silverman, complete with Interact 2023 insights.
A closer look at Mitratech’s five pillars of innovation from SVP of Product Management, Justin Silverman, complete with Interact 2023 insights.

5 innovation (and roadmap) insights from Interact 2023

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A closer look at Mitratech’s five pillars of innovation from SVP of Product Management, Justin Silverman

We may not have actually been cooking with roux in our opening session on Day 2 of Interact 2023, but the room was certainly heating up with the news of Mitratech’s latest roadmap announcements and future innovation plans. 

A continuous commitment to R&D over the past two years means that Mitratech has had more opportunities to advance the strategic business goals of our customers and partners, more product capabilities dedicated to helping organizations worldwide drive automation, and more team members committed to customer success. 

But where exactly do we see this investment playing out in our solutions roadmap? That was a highly anticipated topic of conversation at this year’s Annual User Conference – and thankfully, Justin Silverman, Mitratech’s SVP of Product Management, was there to deliver.

Mitratech’s 5 pillars of innovation (and the roadmap updates they’re currently driving) 

Accelerating business insights - interact 2023 insights Accelerating business insights

As seen in Mitratech’s recent press release announcement of PlatoBI, we are committed to empowering our customers with the ability to leverage the full spectrum of analytics and intel captured through technology use. Our next step in accelerating business insights for our customers will be to deliver analytics that cut across numerous product lines and verticals at Mitratech – exactly what customers will find within PlatoBI’s embedded analytics platform. We constructed this platform with three values in mind:

  • Modern dashboards
  • AI that grows and builds over time
  • Consistent user experience across products

The first application of PlatoBI will be released in Mitratech’s Managed Bill Review solution, enabling clients to independently access insights through a new Analytics Portal that hosts a variety of dynamic dashboards. Future iterations of the platform will continue leveraging the latest in AI advancements, including ChatGPT-like features that make querying data conversational and on-demand. PlatoBI will be rolled out across the Mitratech product set building on this initial release for the Managed Bill Review customer base.

Speaking of analytics, Mitratech has launched  product enhancements that are accelerating our users’ business insights, including:

  • TAP Analytics 2.0, a new analytics offering launched in TAP that improves self-service efficiency with out-of-the-box dashboards 
  • Improved Alyne Dashboards to help you identify risks, quantify their potential impact, and manage resolution 
  • TeamConnect Embedded Analytics, a feature which embeds dashboards right into your TeamConnect experience for the right information, right when you need it 

Delivering a best-in-class user experience - 5 innovation (and roadmap) insights from Interact 2023Delivering a best-in-class user experience

Client success and a positive user experience are at the heart of everything we do here at Mitratech. It’s what we center our research and development around, which directly reflects in our new interactive dashboards, mobile capabilities, and revamped user interfaces.

Recent mobile capabilities in Tracker I9, for example, drove a 40% increase in mobile adoption when completing I9 forms. Similar enhancements to drive mobile adoption are planned in the TalentReef applicant tracking system.

Other notable roadmap improvements made with a best-in-class user experience in mind include:

  • Datastore’s New Search Interface 
  • CMO’s new Mobile App 
  • TeamConnect 7.1, which features 30 new enhancements to the TeamConnect application (19 enhancements of which came from our client feedback portal)
  • TeamConnect 7.1’s new user interface, which features a new home page and widgets that help you navigate the platform more easily 

We’re seeing more and more customers using multiple Mitratech applications, so it’s important for the experiences and analytics we deliver across platforms to be comprehensive, cohesive, and client-centric. Our innovation roadmap here at Mitratech definitely reflects that.

– Justin Silverman, SVP of Product Strategy, Mitratech

Supporting an integrated ecosystem - interact 2023 insights Supporting an integrated ecosystem

Just as we prioritize a cohesive user experience in our dashboards and mobile apps, our product team knows that it’s important to allow your data to flow seamlessly from one part of your ecosystem to the next. This also means meeting our users where they’re already working, with technology that is integrated and intuitive to make adoption seamless. Our roadmaps have emphasized the importance of seamless integrations, with improvements like:

  • TAP’s Microsoft Teams Integration, which allows you to kick off and manage workflows without ever leaving the Teams App 
  • TeamConnect’s New Outlook Add-in, releasing with TeamConnect 7.1
  • Legal Hold’s New Microsoft Purview and eDiscovery APIs

Maximizing spend value - interact 2023 insights Maximizing spend value

We know that seeing (and measuring) a tangible return on investment is critical to your success — especially in today’s market, where every dollar and vendor feels tied to your bottom line. That’s why we’ve made some changes to allow you to measure and track the cost-efficiency of your timekeepers, firms, and more, with features like:

  • TeamConnect TimeKeeper Spend & Compliance Dashboards,which allow you to compare firms on performance and compliance
  • TeamConnect Daily Digest and & Interactive Gridsfor a digestible look at your invoices
  • TeamConnect Rapid TimeKeeper Onboardingfor tangible time savings
  • eCounsel International Tax Handling& more

Investing in Scalable AI / ML - 5 innovation (and roadmap) insights from Interact 2023Investing in Scalable AI / ML

As a company with a 30-plus year history of helping teams bring automation to tasks that would otherwise be extremely manual, ad hoc, and inconsistent, Mitratech has had a lot of experience watching teams operate at what CEO Mike Williams referred to in his opening keynote as the “intersection of technology and leadership.” It’s where professionals want to leverage the latest technology and expand their productivity.

“As humans, we’re learners at our core – we want to innovate and adapt. I know there’s a lot of hype surrounding it, but I am completely convinced that Generative AI will absolutely change how we work, how we live, how we learn.”

Our commitment is to package up this ground-breaking and inspiring technology and make it available to you, which we’re taking the first steps toward with innovations like:

  • TeamConnect InvoiceIQ  — Launched and announced during Justin’s Interact session last year, TeamConnect InvoiceIQ uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to drive better efficiency in invoice review with the ability to set rules based on classifications and recommendations.
  • Alyne Summarization & Relevance— Embedded AI allows your team to leverage the power of large language models – without the risk of exposing confidential company information to public AI sites.
  • Coming Soon: We are excited to launch more AI-driven enhancements and co-innovations for Document Management, invoice review, and more in 2024 and beyond — keep one eye on our press center for future announcements.
Mitratech’s 5 Pillars of Innovation | Interact 2023 Keynote
Mitratech’s 5 Pillars of Innovation | Interact 2023 Keynote

Innovation — all based on your feedback 

Attendees at our Annual User Conference, Interact 2023, had plenty of time to explore our latest product developments and ask questions during the event’s ongoing Tech Expo, but for anyone unable to attend, we ask that you please submit your ideas through our ideas portal, or contact our team.

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