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Mitratech at Virtual HR Tech Spring Conference 2021

Shay Misra |

Today’s hybrid workforce requires Human Resources teams to be equipped with the latest HR technology. A big part of that?  The challenge of automating and enhancing HR workflows.

This year, at the HR Tech Spring Conference 2021, we’re glad to be able to say Mitratech is helping define HR’s “new normal”. Through our featured demo at the conference, our goal is to push HR success forward through a best-in-class slate of technologies.

HR teams are responsible for the entire employee lifecycle. Onboarding itself is a huge task — with over 1,200 rules and regulations for I-9 compliance needing constant attention, HR professionals are in desperate need of ways to increase efficiency so that they can focus more on strategic, high-skill activities to provide greater benefit to their organization. That’s where superior HR technology comes in.

Tracker I-9

Mitratech is the world leader in I-9 compliance tech: Tracker I-9 was designed by a leading U.S. immigration law firm, and sports a spotless record of more than 20 years, with zero fines. With I-9 ICE audits at an all-time high, and $14 Million in fines handed out in 2019, no HR team can afford to be without the services of Tracker I-9.

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Our Tracker I-9 Compliance demo takes place on Day One of HR Tech, March 16. Human Resources professionals will learn how to take advantage of the industry’s only end-to-end I-9 Compliance software solution. Features include:

  • Paper form digitization & ongoing electronic I-9 management
  • Smart workflows and increased efficiency
  • Improved compliance by eliminating potential errors and automatically keeping track of open items to ensure deadlines are never missed
  • 300 remote I-9 locations address remote hiring challenges
  • Elite security with a fully encrypted cloud-based solution
  • Complete audit protection

Our demo will also cover two other critical tools to enhance workflows…

 TAP Workflow Automation

Repetitive manual processes can really bog down an HR department. TAP allows your team to automate all these tedious processes, in order to focus on the real work at hand. Simple intuitive drag-and-drop tools allow you to create smart forms and optimized workflows.

Eliminate costly human errors, and drive collaboration, both inter-departmental, and with outside vendors.


A best-in-class software solution, PolicyHub offers proactive policy management that saves your HR team time and improves efficiency:

  • Create, approve and communicate policies
  • Distribution, knowledge assessments and reporting
  • Defensible compliance program for your organization
  • Policy and procedure management made easy

The 2021 HR Tech Spring Conference is all about redefining and reimagining HR for the new era. Mitratech is excited to be a part of it once again, and our online demo is sure to be a boon to your HR team’s workflow and performance.

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