A True TAP Use Case: Matter Management
A True TAP Use Case: Matter Management

A True TAP Use Case: Matter Management

Kelli Negro |

For legal operations teams within large enterprises, managing the many aspects of the corporate legal practice, or “matters,” is a complex task. But when you’re keeping track of the status of multiple matters, who is working on them (inside or outside counsel? Junior or senior?), and what resources may be attached..? That demands workflow automation if you’re truly interested in maximizing efficiency, containing costs, minimizing potential errors, and assuring the best possible service delivery within the organization.

The challenge?

Design a dedicated workflow to manage matter management items, ensure compliance and minimize risk.

The solution?

Automating matter management processes with TAP optimizes efficiency, reduces errors, and allows better oversight and control across the entire range of ongoing matters:

  • Form building via intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces has let Legal Ops users create basic or sophisticated forms with embedded business logic.
  • Easy-to-use forms and dashboards allow users to launch, track and manage matters with ease.
  • Workflows are customizable to the specifics of individual departments or enterprises.
  • Document searches are streamlined, allowing you to search by matter or litigation type or other parameters.
  • All engagement letters, court filings, corporate agreements or other documents get conveniently warehoused in a single location.
  • Access permissions and other document security settings can be customized within each workflow.
  • An automatically archived audit trail records all workflow data and documentation, including tracking user engagements.
  • Automated notifications and reminders ensure prompt action by process participants.

The benefits?

  • Huge efficiencies in time and cost savings across the business as delays, errors and inefficiencies are minimized.
  • Real-time visibility into matters across departments, teams or practice areas allows superior governance of the entire Legal Ops ecosystem, including outside counsel.
  • Standardization of forms and workflows minimizes errors and reduces compliance risks.
  • Stakeholders are securely yet efficiently engaged in matter reviews and approvals, optimizing their role in the process by limiting participation.
  • All workflows are automatically backed up to a secure repository, and easily accessible for audit purposes.
  • E-signature integration standardizes secure approvals.

Matter management can be a source of either sizable costs and inefficiency if conducted via outmoded manual processes, or of accelerated ROI, responsiveness and client satisfaction if designed and implemented using workflow automation. The benefits and payback have been very real and even “transformational” for legal professionals who have made the move to tools like TAP.