Users Have Spoken, and They’re Demanding Agile GRC Software

Scott Bamford |

Here’s an interesting article you shouldn’t miss: GRC Behemoth vs. Agile GRC, by Michael Rasmussen. In it, he talks about the growing frustration that’s building within organizations looking for GRC solutions that will meet them at their current level of maturity.

What’s the source of their frustration? The common themes he – and we – have seen revolve around things like:

  • High cost of ownership
  • Costly to build and implement
  • Complex and onerous to roll out
  • Too much time and specialized knowledge required to effectively use solutions
  • Not easy and intuitive for either end users or administrators

This is something I am hearing every week from organizations that are frustrated with GRC Market Leaders that have significant cost of ownership and build out. Where an organization has to have certified experts make changes because of the complexity of the system and it may take months to see configuration changes implemented.  – Michael Rasmussen

In short, there is a rapidly growing need and desire for agile GRC software solutions that are not only more agile, but more cost-effective, and more efficient to build and implement. Not only that, but intuitiveness and ease of use continue to be top-rated factors in selecting GRC solutions now, even above price.

What do users want? Ease of use!

As an example, when we polled our PolicyHub customers and asked them why they chose PolicyHub over other policy and procedure management solutions, ease of use was listed as the top reason almost every time.

As a leading industry analyst and pundit, Michael Rasmussen has seen the same thing in action:

The number one selection criteria I see in organizations moving from one solution that has failed them to another solution is ease of use and intuitiveness.

I like to think that at Mitratech we’re out in front of this wave of momentum around the need and desire for agile GRC software solutions that satisfy all the ease-of-use criteria we’ve just mentioned. This not only applies to our products as standalones, but also to our products when they work together.

For example, if you put TAP (workflow automation) and PolicyHub (policy & procedure management) together, you can create some incredibly powerful use cases that increase operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and accelerate and automate business processes in a cost-effective and agile way.

Stay tuned; I’ll be rolling out some great PolicyHub + TAP use cases over the coming weeks.

The market wants agile GRC software, first and foremost

Bottom line? The market is speaking loud and clear about its requirement for highly agile GRC software products that deliver meaningful and measurable business value in packages that are easy to build, easy to implement, easy to manage, and easy to use. Here at Mitratech, we build those requirements into every product we develop and bring to market.