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Gifts and Courtesies Approval


To efficiently manage gifts and courtesies in Legal in a way that ensures compliance with both internal and external regulations.


  • Use the latest and most secure technology available to digitally automate and track gifts and courtesies to attorneys.
  • Centralized control and audit via TAP and automated notifications allow managers and stakeholders to track approvals of gifts and courtesies throughout a workflow.
  • Easily prove regulatory compliance through automated audit and approval trails.
  • Works via remote devices, allowing remote/on-the-go approvals and notifications.
  • Automated notifications and alerts ensure timely participation from all concerned.


  • Centralized dashboard allows monitoring and management of gifts and courtesies at every stage.
  • Easily audit Legal and prove your compliance to required certifications to internal stakeholders and external regulators.
  • Drive significant time and cost savings and ROI.
  • Easily and efficiently manage and mitigate the risks surrounding gifts and courtesies via a single, centralized source.