Legal/Policy Questions


Log, preserve and address employee inquiries and legal responses around the implementation of new policies and procedures in order to facilitate audits or regulatory review.


  • Easy-to-use online self-service forms allow employees to submit policy questions for review and response by the appropriate stakeholders.
  • Forms can be built in TAP with embedded business logic, dropdown fields and other features, to meet the required process.
  • Communicate and document policy exceptions throughout the entire organization, and support two-way legal inquiry/response threads.
  • Once submitted, questions are automatically routed to proper stakeholders/managers for review.
  • Notifications and alerts can be dispatched to process participants and stakeholders at pre-designated points throughout the process.
  • TAP ensures that policy and legal teams can accommodate the full range of legal enquiries while shaping their policy management infrastructure to best suit their own circumstances.


  • Tracking legal questions and responses to policy updates in a central system provides the granularity needed to easily document compliance to auditors, regulators, and authorities.
  • Automation of manual processes – including logging, processing and resolution of questions – drives significant ROI.
  • Reporting dashboard and analysis features make it possible to quickly review exception events, and track overall exception handling processes holistically, providing a single source of truth.
  • Intuitive built-in tools ensure policies and exceptions are efficiently managed and enforced, while accurately maintained, distributed, and attested to.