Matter Management Intake


Design a dedicated matter management workflow to ensure compliance and minimize risk.


  • Simple interfaces allow users to design, track and manage a matter management workflow with ease.
  • Form-building via intuitive interfaces lets them create basic or sophisticated forms with embedded business logic.
  • Each matter management workflow is customizable to the specifics of individual departments or enterprises.
  • Access to items across departments is ensured via a centralized roles-and-permissions-based application.
  • Reporting tools permit access to reports in a variety of formats to assure transparency and proper governance.
  • Notifications and alerts ensure prompt action by stakeholders.


  • Automated matter management workflows provide huge efficiencies in time and cost savings across Legal Operations.
  • Real-time visibility into matter management workflows across departments, teams or practice areas allows superior governance.
  • Standardization of forms and workflows minimizes errors and reduces compliance risks.
  • Stakeholders are securely yet efficiently engaged in reviews and approvals, optimizing their role in the process by controlling work hours.
  • All workflows are automatically backed up to a secure Cloud archive, and easily accessible for audit purposes.