Regular Compliance Affirmation


Enable stakeholders and policy managers to affirm that key policies and procedures are being followed and correctly implemented. What’s more, they have to make such an affirmation on a recurring basis, often yearly for these policies. Finally, these affirmations, if required, then need to be reported to the appropriate regulatory body and tracked internally for compliance purposes.


  • Create a clear business workflow enabling stakeholders and policy managers to work through the required stages for providing affirmation.
  • Ensure that details of an action are provided where compliance is not currently being fully met.
  • Route the affirmations to the correct stakeholders for review and approval.
  • Automated notifications at each stage of the process, ensuring stakeholders and involved parties are advised in real time when their input is required.
  • Centrally track all affirmations to understand where there are any outstanding or delayed requests.
  • Automatically remind stakeholders and policy owners when their affirmation is next due.


  • Tracking affirmations in a central system like PolicyHub provides the granularity needed to easily document compliance to regulators and authorities.
  • Creating a full audit trail that documents every step of the process, who was involved and what decisions were made.
  • Automating manual processes drives significant ROI and reduces errors.
  • Reporting dashboard and analysis features make it possible to quickly uncover high-risk trends or exceptions.
  • Easily adapt the affirmation process to changing business needs.