Service Catalog Requests


Automate the processes for creating service catalog workflows to drive catalog request fulfillment.


  • TAP allows users to design simple workflows to fulfill simple orders, or more complex workflows for more complex orders.
  • Self-service online forms direct requesters through an error-free request and checkout process.
  • Forms and workflows are easily designed and edited using TAP’s intuitive interface.
  • Purchasing agents or managers receive automatic notifications if they’re required to review a request.
  • Upon checkout or approval, request workflow can be linked to a fulfillment workflow which runs when those specific items are ordered.
  • If desired, requester can be notified automatically of projected fulfillment timing.
  • Submitted or approved requests can also be routed through Accounting or other departments.


  • Automating the Service Catalog Request process ensures accurate fulfillment, time and cost savings for mundane processes.
  • Central dashboard provides visibility and close monitoring of all catalog requests.
  • Centralized archiving of workflow data allows immediate or historical review of all requests, helping satisfy Sarbanes Oxley compliance.