Assess and report risk across your enterprise with unprecedented insight

EnterpriseInsight™ lets you overcome the limitations of other Enterprise Risk Management software tools. By leveraging its pre-built enterprise risk templates, you’ll be able to quickly conduct risk assessments of your organization, processes, products, applications, and providers.

Understand your entire enterprise risk landscape

The number and variety of risk types across a modern organization, from top to bottom, can be considerable.  And regulators are keeping watch for any kind of noncompliance.

EnterpriseInsight™ is a SaaS solution combining a universal evaluation framework with applications for enterprise risk, GRC, and much more.  This type of risk management software is remarkably cost-effective, so you can easily build out multiple linked frameworks, allowing for global task, issue, incident and remediation tracking, as well as policies and controls linked to laws and regulations.

Overcome the limitations of traditional ERM/GRC products with a full-featured framework whose available templates empower you to flexibly address multiple types of risk.
Ease of SaaS adoption and use and an intuitive dashboard provide visibility into operational risk everywhere across your enterprise.
Cut the costs of managing enterprise risk with a centralized, automated solution – and avoid the penalties and reputational damage of noncompliance.
By also using VendorInsight®, you extend risk management to your supplier network to mitigate threats from third-party vendors and fourth-party subcontractors.

EnterpriseInsight™ features enable comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management

Its intuitive interface, powerful reporting and management features, and role-based credentials help you identify and act on enterprise risk with confidence.

Enterprise Risk Assessments

  • Assess and report risk across your enterprise with unprecedented insight.
  • Provide visibility to guide strategic and business continuity planning for key decision-makers.
  • Pre-built risk assessment templates ensure that you can start using the enterprise risk management solution immediately.

Audit Management

  • Develop audit plans and organize the plans and documents for each risk area.
  • Workflows enable you to schedule audits, notify departments, and manage audits with ease and efficiency.
  • When audits are complete, link your report findings to the Issues & Remediations Tracking module to ensure timely follow-up and resolution.
  • Reporting enables you to see calendar views and audit status at a glance.

Issue & Remediation Tracking

  • Track what’s important and avoid wasting time worrying about whether tasks are being completed.
  • Ensure your enterprise takes corrective action and makes necessary improvements.
  • Track remediation issues from audit findings.
  • Monitor program and policy improvements.
  • Report on the status of tasks and corrective actions.

Compliance Policy Management

  • Manage all of your policies, procedures, and enterprise documentation for your regulatory, legal, and compliance requirements.
  • Produce documentation for audits and examinations.
  • Link policies to different regulatory requirements and areas of risk across your enterprise.
  • Manage document expirations and updates with ease

Enterprise Risk Reporting

  • Visualize and report risk to management, the board, regulators, and auditors with a single click.
  • Generate PDF, Excel, and Word documents that contain your EnterpriseInsight™ information.
  • Export data to integrate with other reports.
  • Inherent Risk & Impact Assessment, Probability Assessment, Control Effectiveness Assessment, Inherent Probable Risk, Residual Risk.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

  • The Cybersecurity Assessment Template (CAT) lets you assess cybersecurity risks and controls for remote work and link directly to your enterprise risk framework.
  • Calculate residual risk scores to instantly see how well recently implemented controls are aligned with the level of inherent risk.

Identify, understand, and manage your obligations under thousands of ever-changing regulations.

Meet obligations and ensure employee compliance by quickly and easily creating, reviewing, communicating, and capturing attestation for new policies.

Gain full lifecycle risk management for your organization’s exposure to all non-IT supported applications and technical assets including models, tools, calculators, end-user computing and spreadsheets.

Collect, manage, and mine key and compliance-critical data and content everywhere within the business via a secure “single source of truth” central repository.

Gain oversight of third-party risk with vendor risk assessment, automated vendor monitoring, fourth-party vendor tracking, concentration risk analysis, and more.

Use pre-built risk framework templates to simplify Enterprise Risk Management of your organization, processes, applications, and providers.

Embed your policy and information governance best practices in operational processes throughout the enterprise via easily automated, fully audited, and flexible workflows.

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