Drive ROI and efficiency with smarter contract management

Managing contracts effectively and efficiently is central to the very existence of the legal department. Poor contract management poses a significant risk to company results: Once a contract is executed, milestones and obligations must be met, while critical contract deadlines and renewals can’t be missed.

With Mitratech’s client-proven solutions, you’ll manage contracts throughout their creation, execution, and administration stages, enforcing legal best practice and protecting revenue. You’ll gain more control and efficiency than ever before for handing contract requests, negotiations, approvals, e-signatures, milestones and renewals.

What are the benefits?

Move faster than the competition

Cut execution time

You’ll slash the time it takes to execute contracts, reducing costs and improving responsiveness.

Control intellectual property

Manage the contract lifecycle

Manage contracts throughout their entire lifecycle, with visibility and control at every step.

Deepen organizational alignment

Collaborate cross-functionally

Leverage legal workflow automation for contract requests and electronic signatures.

Regulatory change management

Alert and engage stakeholders

Keep them aware of critical contract dates, renewals, and milestones, so they’re always on top of the process.


Make contracts accessible and searchable

Centralized access to contracts includes links to related matters.


Integrate with Microsoft® Office

So attorneys can work on contracts with complete version control.

Transform contract management with best-in-class products

TAP Workflow Automation

TAP Workflow Automation

TAP empowers you to automate nearly any repetitive manual process, so you can focus on what’s important: doing the work, not wrestling with workflows.



The most widely used end-to-end ELM platform trusted by the world’s leading legal departments for managing core legal processes and operations.

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British American Tobacco

TeamConnect has been well received by our outside counsel, and more importantly, we’ve seen a reduction in spend as a result.

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The minute we started using (TAP) we found it was incredibly easy to implement, inexpensive, and with a high ROI.

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Juniper Networks Logo

TAP improved compliance significantly on the MAF side…we now have the right visibility into what’s being signed and why.

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