Four-sided ROI


Savings & Efficiency

TeamConnect’s ease of adoption and use accelerates tasks and cuts in-house costs and outside spend.


Reduced Risk

Apply best practices to decrease the compliance risks and human errors that can be damaging to an enterprise.


Improved Agility

Proactively mitigate risks and avoid penalties while legal teams gain agility in meeting old and new challenges.


Expanded Impact

Legal proves its value as a hub of innovation and a strategic partner for the entire enterprise.

Best-in-class features, world-beating benefits

As a true end-to-end legal management software platform, TeamConnect offers you features and benefits others can’t rival.


Extensible best practices

Powerful workflow automation and integration tools don’t demand custom coding, but extend TeamConnect capabilities into processes beyond the legal department.


Ease of adoption & adaptation

TeamConnect is a flexible platform that can be implemented, scaled, and upgraded to fit your extensive and adapting organization.


Business Intelligence

TeamConnect Business Intelligence (TCBI) redefines legal analytics and reporting with fast data preparation, advanced functionality, intuitive design, and out-of-the-box reports providing detailed views relevant to each member of a legal team.


Security & User Management

We provide high availability and a responsive application experience, with the protection of multi-layered security and user-defined access restrictions to safeguard your data.

Integrate Icon

Integrate & streamline

Smooth integration with solutions like Mitratech LegalHold and third-party products to conveniently associate platforms while seeing everything in TeamConnect.


Out-of-the-box or custom-built functionality

Zero-code BPM functionality frees you from reliance on IT or vendors, though TeamConnect can be tailored to your very specific demands by either our client success experts or even non-technical users.


Seamless content management

Unite ELM and document management with TeamConnect’s DMS Connector, providing out-of-the-box integration and single search capabilities with SharePoint and iManage.


Mitratech partnership & co-innovation

You’ll be served by a client success team known worldwide for supplying superb support, including co-innovating to “right-size” or customize TeamConnect for your business.

A proven suite of legal technology solutions

TeamConnect is just one product in a family of legal management software solutions that have been adopted by legal departments everywhere, in multiple industries.
From legal workflow automation to Policy Management, Information Governance and beyond, explore the entire range of integrated Mitratech solutions.

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